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Welcome to this online music appreciation page. You can sample my favorite musicians and contribute any others. The object is to define and refine our appreciation of music. Taste is by definition an intimate thing. Like one's choice of perfume. Good taste exists. A few have it, most do not. It is all a question of exposure, experience and the application of the grey matter. The more you listen appreciatively and critically, the more demanding you become of your listening material. Some of us have spent a significant part of our lives engaged in this activity. Some of us are better at 'it' than others.
I have listed some personal favorites you may judge me be assessing the quality of the material I recommend. Or you may tell me I am a self-opinionated snob with no idea of the 'real' beauty of music; or search for something else, or pass elsewhere. It would be fair to say that this is a place only for the bitten.
However you use this resource, it is only as good as you make it. You are guaranteed to find some tremendous music listed and reviewed on this page. You will also have the opportunity to buy recordings here. Its up to you. Untill I am able to create a more elaborate format for this page, send all comments to me / It is important that while I have posted 'Jazz and Blues' as some kind of guide, it was merely to indicate non-pop, uncommercial, in some important ways 'improvised'. I personally do not have anything to add or subtract from the discussion, if there is one, of the music of Aqua, Madonna. TuPAC (RIP), Placebo or Radiohead to take some random examples. Perhaps you do!
Communicate. I am aware too, that finding words for musical experience is in many ways futile. I myself find discussion of music and musicians stimulating. Nieztche said 'Without music life would be a mistake.' What is your opinion ?

Paul Motian
Drummer, composer, band-leader. Paul Motian is one one of the greatist drummers I have ever heard. He dosen't play 'with' nor dose he play 'against' the musicians he woeks with he plays 'around' and at times through them. It is a rhymic backdrop. He is a player od discretion and humour. He can be vitriolic of unappreciative audiences. He knows how to come to the front and strut his stuff, but hisd great gift is bringing out the best and the unusual in other musicians. As time passes I will provide a selection of reviews -- via the links below. I wouls appreciate any contributions to the review section from other interested contributors. The mail address is /
> > > > >Someone Elses Great Page About Paul Motian
Here is an incomplete list of the recordings he has made since his work with Bill Evans in the early 1960s.


The following is in my view one of the essential recordings of jazz. Certainly, in my own small collection of about 3000 lps and cds. You MUST like this record. It has been released under various titles and in various formats. The original vinyl was...(to be continued) (At present) Flight of the Bluejay Winter&Winter 910.009-2
(On the above named CD) Conception (comp. George Shering)

Heinz Holliger- oboist, composer, conductor, teacher.

Universally accliamed as the world's most accomplished oboeist, Holliger composes, conducts, and teaches. He is altogether a remarkable an extraodrinary musician. Here are the recordings I know and can heartily recommend. 10 recordings on the Basic Repertiore List @ including 4 under recommended recordeings (Marked * and ** below). This auditor recommends ALL these recordings.

BACH, C.P.E. 2 Trio Sonatas Wq. 148,151 DDD
BACH, J.S. *3 Trio Sonatas BWV 1029,*1036,*1040
Flute NICOLET, Aurele, Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz. Harpsichord JACCOTTET, Christiane, Bassoon SAX, Manfred, Cello SCHWARTZ, Angela
Denon CM7093 52:13

Bach, J.S. 6 Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530
Heinz Holliger (oboe), Tabea Zimmermann (viola), Christiane Jaccottet (harpsichord), Thomas Demenga (cello)
Philips 422328-2

COUPERIN, F.: Les Goûts-rénuis ou Nouveaux, by 10 Concerts # 5-14 "Les Goûts-rénuis ou Nouveaux"/Archiv 427167-2
Thomas Brandis (violin), Chiara Banchini (violin), Heinz Holliger (oboe), Marie-Lise Schupbach (oboe), Aurele Nicolet (flute), Christiane Nicolet (flute), Josef Ulsamer (viola da gamba), Laurenzius Strehl (viola da gamba), Manfred Sax (bassoon), Christiane Jaccottet (harpsichord)

HANDEL 3 Concertos HWV 287,301,302a, Sonata a 5 (Concerto) HWV 288, * Concerti Grossi Op. 3/3 HWV 314, Concerto Grosso "Alexander's Feast" HWV 318, Overture HWV 337/338, Hornpipe "for Vauxhall" HWV 356
English Chamber Orchestra LEPPARD, Raymond-cond.
Violin SILLITO, Kenneth, Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz
Philips 'Baroque Classics' 426082-2 1:10:34

MOZART, W.A. Quartet for Oboe & String Trio, K. 370 (w/ Divertimento K. 251)
Heinz Holliger (oboe)/Orlando Quartet
Philips 412618-2

Sinfonia Concertante K. 297b, Concerto K. 314
Academy Of St. Martin-In-The-Fields HOLLIGER, Heinz-cond.
Flute NICOLET, Aurele, Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz, Horn BAUMANN, Hermann, Bassoon THUNEMANN, Klaus
Philips 411134-2 48:06

SCHUMANN, R. 2 Adagio & Allegro Op. 70
3 Fantasiestucke Op. 73
Waldeszenen "Evening-Song" Op. 85/12
3 Romances Op. 94
3 from 5 Stucke in Volkston #2-4 Op. 102
Oboe & Oboe d'amore HOLLIGER, Heinz, Piano BRENDEL, Alfred
Philips 416898-2 50:12

TELEMANN, G.P. : 5 Concertos for Oboe in c, D, d, e & f.
Academy Of St. Martin-In-The-Fields BROWN, Iona
Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz, Philips 412879-2 46:46

12 Fantasies
Heinz Holliger (oboe)
Denon 38C37-7089

"Air de Trompette," "L'Hiver - Pastourelle - Polonaise," Solo in F minor, Sonata di Chiesa in G minor, Sonata in A minor, Suite in G minor.
Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz, Bassoon THUNEMANN, Klaus, Harpsichord JACCOTTET, Christiane
Denon 38C37-7052 49:24

VIVALDI : 6 Concertos RV 446,447,452,454,463,545, I Musici
Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz, Bassoon THUNEMANN, Klaus
Philips 411480-2 58:28

12 Concertos Op. 7: RV 188,208a,214, 285a, 294a, 299, 326, 354, 373, 374,464,465
I Musici. Violin, ACCARDO, Salvatore, Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz
Philips 426940-2 (2CDs) 1:46:0

ZELENKA 5 Capriccio I-V, Concerto a 8 concertanti in G Major, Hipocondrie a 7 concertanti in A Major, Ouverture a 7 concertanti in F Major. Sinfonia a 8 concertanti in A minor.
Camerata Bern WIJNKOOP, Alexander van - cond.
Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz. Oboe ELHORST, Hans, Bassoon SAX, Manfred, Harpsichord JACCOTTET, Christiane.
Archiv 423703-2 (3CDs) 2:43:24


BELLINI Concerto in E Flat Major
FIALA Concerto in E Flat Major
HUMMEL Adagio, Theme & Variations Op. 102
MOLIQUE Concertino in G minor
MOSCHELES Concertante in F Major
RIETZ Konzertstuck Op. 33
English Chamber Orchestra LEPPARD, Raymond - cond.
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra INBAL, Eliahu - cond.
Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz, Flute NICOLET, Aurele
Philips 'Concert Classics' 426972-2 1:16:16

DITTERSDORF Concerto in G Major
LEBRUN Concerto #1 in D minor
SALIERI Concerto in D Major
Camerata Bern FURI, Thomas- cond.
Violin FURI, Thomas, Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz, Cello DEMENGA, Thomas
Archiv 'Galleria' 427125-2 59:59

GRAUN, J.G. Concerto in C minor
KREBS Concerto in B minor
TELEMANN * Concerto in A Major
Camerata Bern WIJNKOOP, Alexander van & FURI, Thomas - cond.
Oboe & Oboe d'amore HOLLIGER, Heinz
Archiv 'Galleria' 431120-2 55:11

LECLAIR Concerto Op. 7/3
MARCELLO, A. * Concerto in D minor
TELEMANN * Concerto in G Major
VIVALDI ** Concerto Op. 8/9, RV 454
Staatskapelle Dresden
Oboe HOLLIGER, Heinz, Harpsichord JACCOTTET, Christiane
Philips 'Baroque Classics' 422492-2 54:26


> > > > >Someone Elses Great Page About Heinz Holliger- oboist, composer, conductor, teacher.

Mick Goodrick [Guitarist & Teacher]
I first saw Mick Goodrick in a workshop he ran for guitarists in Geneva in April, 1992. I then heard him with his own trio in Geneva two years later his cheeky style of playiong with the dead pan look , then with Charlie Haden's 'Liberation Music Orchestra' at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Paul Motian was playing in the band too! Since then not much here in Switzerland. Guitarists are advised to purchase his 'The Advancing Guitarist.' It is wonderful stuff. Herewith an incomplete discography:
Work with Gary Burton (I don't have the cd references to hand. I have the vynil.);
IN PAS(S)ING (1979) , ECM 1139.847.327-2;
THE BALLAD OF THE FALLEN, C.HADEN/C. BLEY (Liberation Music Orchestra, 1983) ECM 1248.811.526-2; There is a live liberation Orchestra recorded at Montreux, Switzerland. I have yet to buy it.
IRRESTIBLE FORCES (1987) (Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition: Lonnie Plaxio-acc. & electric bass; Jack DeJohnette- dr., Gary Thomas-Tn. Sx. and flt., Greg Osby-alt and sop sx. Mick Goodrick-g. Nana Vasconcelos-perc) MCA/ImpulseMCAD-5992;
ED SARATH(Tr.) 'LAST DAY IN MAY' (1991), Konnex KCD5042;
ARRIVA (M. Goodrick & John Abercrombie - g.; Harvie Schwartz - b., Martin Smitty Smith - dr. 1992) NOVUS J, 74321.11223-2;
'CITIES' (Claudio Fasoli - sx., M.G.-g.; Paolino Dalla pPorta - b., Bill Elgart - dr.. 1993) RAM records RMCD4503;
MICK GOODRICK QUARTET : SUNSCREAMS (MG-g., Jerry Bergonzi - tr. sx.; Bruce Gertz- b., Gary Chaffe - dr.1994) RAM RMCD4507;
STEFAN BAUER : BEST OF TWO WORLDS (1996) JAZZLINE, GERMANY. JL11147-2 ; my collection runs out there.
> > > > >Someone Elses Great Page About Mick Goodrick [Guitarist & Teacher] I have yet to find it.
Sunscreams (1994) RAM Records RMCD4507
What's the point? from 'Biorhythms' a blues, with a point.

Woflgang Muthspiel : Guitarist.
A guitarist who can do anything. Discography my discography is a little sketchey, based as it is on my own collection. I would rather discuss music I have actually heard. Strange, no? The Mreleases I know: 1990. Wolfgang Muthspiel: The Promise Amedeo (Austrian) 847023-2. There is much more to come!
> > > > >Someone Elses Great Page About Woflgang Muthspiel : Guitarist.

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