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What Christmas Means to Us:
A Timed Writing Exercise.



Christmas means to me basically a day when all the family are together to celebrate the date when we exchange presents and is not just presents that we exchange. The presents mean something more that what you are given, the feelings, that sometimes you can not say and than you give the present to a person, the present means that you like that person.

When you want to say something else, you can write a card with your own words dedicate to the person which you are given the presents. Christmas it is a date that we spend together to be with your family without problems, and these kind of problems that we had along the year but the Chistmas can make everyone forget bad feelings and spend a nice time together. My mother in this part of the year spend almost the full day preparing our house to the Christmas day, she enjoy a lot these kind of party and she make a very beautiful decoration, our house in this part of the year is have prettiest decoration in the area that we live.

When I was a child the Christmas for me just mean a date that we receive present, and after the lunch we play with the toys that we receive. In this part of our life the worse thing to receive is clothes because we are expecting to open all the boxes that we have in the front and just see toys, when I used to receive clothes I did not like. Now a days Christmas for me mean much more than this, Chistmas now mean the feelings that we exchange each other though the presents the presents are just the symbol of our feelings.

This year in my Christmas I expect something else that what I had in the others Christmas, because I am a long time without seeing my family, this was the longest time that I spend without going to my home, so I want to see them a lot and spend all my minutes in Brazil with them. I have two small sisters and one small brother and they still believing in Santa Klaus, and this is kind of funny because all the Christmas my mother contract one Santa Klaus to give the present to my small brothers. The Christmas in this year is going to be the last Christmas of the century so I hope to have a wonderful time and I will enjoy a lot the few days that I will stay with my family. After the Christmas we are going to have a very good time in the new year with all my friends and family, it is going to be a good time.

L. O. K. Cos



Christmas is a period of time which has a lot of importance in the society. Everybody has a different concept about it but for most of the people is very exciting. Personally, I think Christmas is a moment during the year which gives everybody the possibility to reflect about what has been done and to plan and set the goals to achieve the next year . At the same time, it is a moment to spend with each family. It is clear that is a moment of reflex ion and entertaining.

When I was very young, my parents explained to me the meaning and the sense of Christmas. The first years they told me that Christmas was a specific day in which a guy called Santa Claus come to your house through the chimney and leave some presents near a decorated tree we were supposed to make. A few years later, my dad told me that Christmas was more than one day and that it was something more than presents, it was a celebration of christ born.

When I was seven , I knew everything about Christmas like its meaning, the things you do during that time, why is it important and some other things. But what nobody never told me was that Santa Claus didnít exist. As soon as my best friend told me about it, I got extremely confused. At the beginning I didnít believe but after I had to accept it. Then I thought that god didnít exist either, and it took me some time to understand and accept the importance of Christmas. Of course, that special period of time that was so important and exciting to me, stopped having the same sense and meaning. It was just a time to enjoy holidays and spend some time with my family.

Now Christmas has converted in moment of entertaining more than anything else. I care about what am I going to do during vacation and who Iím going to spend the time with. Also I get in charge to get my family together at least a few days of Christmas.

For my future Christmas, I am planning to spend more time with my family and if one day I have children, I want to make them believe that Santa Claus exists. Later when they are big enough, I will tell them the truth about it. I think it is better for them to know because I told them and not because a friend told them. Anyway, my sons will be cheated because when I was cheated about Santa Claus, I had the best Christmas of my life.

D. Encin



Christmas was like a holiday. Christmas was a day which I thought the coldest day in my life. Christmas was a day which I felt quite, peace, and romantic day. Christmas was a day which I could go out with friends in the night. Christmas was a day which I felt really strange because it wasnít like other festival day.

When I was five years old, I didnít know what is Christmas. We didnít even have the celebration for it and I remembered every one were just worked. So there were not much memory in my head about the Christmas when I was five years old.

When I was seven years old, I knew what is Christmas from my friends and I told my father to buy a Christmas tree for me. My father took a long time to get it, because he didnít want to buy a stupid tree. That tree made by plastic and it was about three meters height. I put a lot of neon lights , some apples, a plastic star on the top of tree, a card with a lot of wishes in it, a smell bad socks, and some toy cars. I thought it was quite good and took me a whole day to do it. At night , we just ate a lot of delicious foods. Thatís my first Christmas.

Now I didnít put the Christmas tree any more. I usually stay in the home and watched the T.V. after a delicious meal as usual. Sometimes I went out with my friends and had fun somewhere in the city. We just talked about our future and some funny stuff. It seen very boring, but for me was quite good.

In the future, I hope I can still have a quite and peace Christmas day. Christmas was a day which I could really relax.

C-N Lu



Christmas for me is a holiday, you stay with your family on 24th of december and on 31st of december you go with your friends and enjoy with them. In Spain I have two houses one of them is in a town near to Valencia and the other one is in Valencia. But the most important thing is that Christmas is for to see your family and yours, for a lot of people Christmas mean buy and sell things, but with this you cannot find the felicity.

In my chilhood I liked too much the Christmas because when you are a child you like to have a lot of presents of your family and Santa Klaus, when I was a child in the night of 24th somebody openned the door, I woke up inmediantely and I went to the living room and there was somebody, he was Santa Klaus and he gave to my brother and me a lot of presents, this night was the most important night of that year but there was a problem, that Santa Klaus was a friend of my parents. The next day I woke up I told to my grandparents, aunts, uncles and my friends that I saw Santa Klaus.

In the U.SA the Christmas are holidays and parties, now the Americans buy presents for the family, high presents for the family were happy, the people of the States understand Christmas for supply and demand. I think that the States has the biggest Christmas in the world because they do a lot of things for to be the first country of the world. The Christmas in Spain are normally there are some people who understand Christmas for presents and other people who like to stay with them families.

I have one sister and one brother, my brother is fourteen and my sister is four years old. He doesnít believe in Santa Klaus but my sister still believe in him, the Christmas in the future is gonna be to boring because the people is gonna buy presents or toys and most of them will not meet with them families. The toys are gonna be more expensive and nobody will cannot buy it. You are gonna buy less things that fifteen years ago and there will be more things to buy. I like the Christmas because you stay with your family and your friends.

P. Her



For me Christmas always is big holiday with a lot of presents , meeting with family, friends. In Russia we celebrate Christmas in 6 th of January . In Russia it is not the main feast and also I am a muslim, so, I prefer to celebrate NEW YEAR . However, NEW YEAR is the same for me as Christmas for others.

Celebration of New Year in Russia starts in 31th of December, and everything in this day are closed and every one is making the necessary preparations before this night. During the two days before New Year Russians do all the best to make the table(best in the world ).

When I was child I was waiting for Russian Santa Klaus Ė Ded Moroz (Mr Frost). When parents were making New Year tree (fir), we were always near , because we were thinking that Ded Moroz coming when this tree is ready. Before The 31 of December I asked Ded Moroz to bring me like a gift toys, candies, full bottle of Pepsi. Because Pepsi in Russia was a critical product. I asked Ded Moroz staying near the window and parents were ever behind me . So they knew what I would like to get from Russian Santa Claus.

Once I asked Ded Moroz about gifts when my parents were not in the room. And Ded Moroz brought for me not what I asked him about.I was very upset not because of this mistake(my parents mistake !), but because I understood that there is no Ded Moroz in this world. It was terrible for me to realized that my parents played tricks on me.

When I was only seven years old I heard from boys in school that there is no Ded Moroz and that parents are buying presents for you , and they put it into cupboard. So once upon a time when my parents went to the shop I decided to look into the cupboard. When I open it I found that there is nothing inside. So I was staying with feeling that the Ded Moroz is real.

Last year I celebrated New Year with my family and fiends both(at the same moment).We went to Finland to Helsinki,. We started our New Year dinner at 10 pm. We were sitting with my parents in one very good restaurant for 4 hours, then we all together came back to the hotel. Hour later I and my friends were already on the way to the nearest nightclub. I woke up at 11 am in the same club and all my friends too.It was a real fun.

But for both of us New Year is the holiday which we waiting during the whole year very much.This feast is something more than just a holiday. It is something very special for us.

B. Fakh and K. Shek.

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