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No matter what you think of studying grammar, you must understand that out there in THE BIG WORLD you will not be taken seriously if you cannot speak and write with some grammatical precision.  Superficial as it may seem to be as a 'measure' of your abilities, your speech and your writing, along with your appearance create the ALL IMPORTANT FIRST IMPRESSION of you that others have of you. 

For this very practical reason, you have to try to manufacture some enthusiasm for this subject if you do not find the perfection of the language that you use every day is not motivation enough.

So let us look at certain aspects of this thorny subject to see,
first of all just how much you know.

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Online Grammar:

Grammar Practice Links

these Links will give you more imformation and practice. 

An excellent basic reference guide for intermediate students.

Practice in a variety of skills including writing and reading comprehension. Includes a section on Business English.

An excellent guide, where you can practise areas of grammar with interactive tests and quizzes.

As the title suggests a straight forward online grammar.

An online grammar reference for university freshmen

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