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     I n t e n s i v e      E n g l i s h : :     


The Intensive English Course:
What it is About.

The Rosey Intensive English Language Course.

The course is designed to immerse students in the English language in a way that will optimise their use of English in speaking listening, reading and writing. The special focus of the course is English as it is used in international and academic settings. The lively teaching techniques used in the classes, the integration of computers and the internet and sporting activities into our teaching has been widely appreciated by the students and praised by professionals.

The course is organized around a series of visits to about seven important places, such as the United Nations or the Red Cross. The students are given the necessary background for the visit. During the visit notes are taken which are subsequently discussed, revised and finally written up. Some of the products of these visits can be viewed on our class internet site: /

The course consists of a total of 120 class-hours of instruction. These include 82 hours of training in English. In order to maintain full and active participation in the classroom, it is necessary to provide organized sporting activities, 32 hours of supervised sporting activities such as football, volleyball and swimming are provided by a qualified sports instructor.

While specific times are fixed on a daily basis, the average day in the course looks like this:

Get up at 8:00
Breakfast 8:30.
09:00-10:15  General language work: 
reading, writing, listening and speaking
10:45-11:45. Supervised Sport.
Lunch at 12:00
13:00-14:30  Specific preparation in the 
vocabulary and background necessary for 
the following visit.
14:45-16:00 : Free time.
16:00 to 17:00 Supervised sport.
17:15 - 18:15: Supervised Study.
Reading, writing and vocabulary work.
With teachers on a one-on-one basis.
19:00 Dinner.
20:00 21:00 Evening Recreation: 
Selectedvideos and or some other 
supervised activity in or out of school.
21h to 22h Bed time.

As can be seen in the table above, the average day is long and the programme is designed to provide immersion, that means classes or planned and supervised activities seven days per week. These long and intensive hours produce results. During the session of 1999, the average improvement of students' performance as measured by 'standardized' examination was between 10 and 25 percent over a period of twenty days. Results such as these require active participation and a high level of committment. For this reason this course is not for the under motivated.

We believe this course offers a unique and cost effective way of making significant improvement students' ability to use English while providing an introduction to both the world of international organizations and the Swiss nation itself.

Gail G. Grant MA (Cantab) MAT (Chicago)


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The Work of the Students:
Examples of Reactions.

Un- Revised Work Ready for Further Revision.
These extracts indicate the levels of Students at the beginning of the course.

We make no excuses for the errors to be found here.
For we cannot hope to learn without making mistakes!
These texts were subsequently revised.
Some of them more than once

Topic One: The Olympics and The Olympic Museum

The Origins of the Olympic Games:

Olympia was a scared place, devoted to the worship of the god, Chronos and his mother, Gaia. Zeus was the god of Olympia.

The Olympic museum was built on the 23rd of June 1993.the first Olympic games started in 776 B.C. They were very different from the modern Olympic games .The symbol for Olympic games was the fire. The people started to make a fire seven days before beginning the games.Also there was an Olive tree that represented the peace. "Faster, higher, stronger" was the motto of Olympic games.

The important role in Olympic games played Pierre de Coubartan. He was the famous man from an aristocratic family. He was French.the people called him "Baron". Pierre de Coubertin conceived of the Olympic games as a kind of art. In the Olympic museum there is the picture of Pierre de Coubertin painted by Jacques de Ealaing. In 1914 he came to Switzerland and in 1934 he died.

First modern Olympic games began in Berlin in 1896. We can see the difference between the modern Olympic games and old Olympic games, because the sports themselves have changed. There are new techniques and technology.

In Olympic museum we can see many statues (like that of Hermes). They represent the bodies of gods and athletes. These statues have been brought from different countries. There are also many drawings on the walls, but the most popular of them are the drawings:the athlete put oil and sand to protect him from the sun to go training.After exercising he used sand or scrapers to remove the layer of dirt,than he went to bath in the "'vass' of water."

In the museum there are also many golden medals and a library were we can read a lot of books about sports and the Olympic games.

The next winter Olympic games will be held in Sidney in 2002.In 2004 the summer games in Athens and in 2008 will be in Italy.



The olympic museum was built in 1993 in Switzerland.The olympic museum has two floors and a basement.There are many old things from the old olympics.There is a section that tells you about the ancient olympics.It teaches you that the old olympics were in Greece. It started a long time ago in 776 b.c. It was in Greece in the towns of (Isthmus, Nemea, Olympia, Delphi). There was a god (Zeus) he was the god of Olympia. The people of those towns all went to Athens to play in the olympic games there because it was in the chief of the gods Athena. The olympic games were played in honour of the gods and a symbol of peace.


Many years ago there was a man called Pierre de Coubertin he thought of the ancient olympic games and he told the people about them. No one at first listened to him so he spent a lot of money on his olympic project. His dream came true. He died in 1937. He always thought that sports were an art. His father was an artist. The first modern olympics games started in 1896 in Athens, the games again every four years this is the summer games. The Winter games were first started in 1924 in Chamonix. The motto of the olympics is "faster, higher, stronger." The five rings of the olympics are the continents the yellow is for Asia, the black is for Africa and so on.

Olympic Museum
All about: Some Notes

776 b.c-2008
-3d video
-collection of coffins from Australia: a special exhibition
-video games
-olympic medals

Olympic Museum.

The Olympic games started in 776 before Christ. They have in the Olympic museum two parts of games; winter and summer. In this museum you can learn all about ancient sports in Greece. You can see Pierre de Coubertin and modern sports like ping-pong, football and fencing. The Olympic museum has a very interesting collection of ancient coffins. In Olympic museum, on the winter side, there is an exhibition of winter costumes. The museum is very exciting with a temporary exhibition, at present, named " 5.000 years in China. You can see on the first flour photos of the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano. And on the first flour you can see very interesting 3d videos for example figure skating 1998 in Nagano.

Places and dates of past Olympic Games.

1984-Los Angeles

Olympic Games.

Last week I was in Olympic museum. It was wonderful. Motto is faster,higher, stronger. This museum was built in 1993 on 20 June. First Olympic games was in776 b.c. In this museum we can see Chinese art. It was 4 places in Greece when Olympic games started it was Olympia, Nemea, Delphi, Isthmus.

Pierre de Coubertin started modern Olympic games in1896 Pierre de Coubertin said:"Sport it`s art"

After we went to the 3D cinema. We are watching figure skating After we were going to the library.

It is not a boring museum. You can see everything there. The first thing you will visit is the hall of the History. You will see the gods of the olympic games. The olympic games the symbol of peace.

First olympic games started in 776 B.C. Each in 4 years. Then they stopped. And in 1896 Pierre de Coubertin started olympic games again.

You can see furniture from Pierre de Coubertin's room. Then in that hall you can listen to different speeches before different olympic games. Then you will go to see the hall of Summer games and the medal collection. There are some photos and vidios of different famous champions. And of course there is a Winter hall where you can see costumes collection.

Many people think that sports is not only physical loading it is a culture that is why they have different Exhibitions from time to time and we saw one. It was a collection of Australian Aboriginal coffins. They were like different kinds of tubes. Australian tribes men put the dead men's bones into these coffins. And then had a ceremony for 4 days.

Then we went to the first floor again and saw the collection of Chinese sports and art.

The Work of the Students:
Examples of Reactions.

Un- Revised Work Ready for Further Revision.
These extracts indicate the levels of Students at the beginning of the course.

We make no excuses for the errors to be found here.
For we cannot hope to learn without making mistakes!
These texts were subsequently revised.
Some of them more than once

Topic Two: Letters Home:

Riyadh,Saudi Arabia A Street 20 August 1999

Dear Mr.Poppovich,
How are you,I sent theis letter to thank you for teaching me archery,I though it was boring but now I know it is fun.I will go to the saudi olympic competition and I hope they will chose me to go to the olympic one day.I will never forget you and what you did to me. ,

Miss Chantal says hello to you and my brother Saud too. At the moment I'm in Le Rosey,I am in a intensave course studing English. I will go to Riyadh,Saudi arabia soon. ,

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Write soon! ,

Best wishes


20. August 1999

Dear Ivan,
I'm writing you this letter from Switzerland. I'm in the summer shool and I'm learning English.

Now let me tel you abaut the program: Every morning we get up at 7:45, at 8:30 we have breakfast. At 9:00 the first class begin until 10:15. Next we have sport and at 12:00 it is lunch time . At 1:00 the second class begen and ends at 2:30. We have 15 minets break, and from 2:45 to 3:45 we have class agen. Sport and reading are the next things that we do.

We went to two ecursans . The first was to Yvoire,a small village in France. It's like an old town in Budva. We did same shopping. Then we went to Lausunne to the Olympic museum. There are very nice things to see and to learn. .

I'm not heving a lot of fun , but I'm learning a lot of English.

Best wishes.

Taiwan R.O.C.

20 August, 1999

Dear Allen,
Hi. How are you baby. I miss you a lot. I usually have a good time there. But I also want to go home. The summer Camp is over and I miss the Summer Camp, becauseI had a lot fun then. Now we only have English lessons and study hard we also have sports but not a lot. In the Summer Camp we only had two hours of English and all afternoon we did sports.

We went on an excursion to the Olympic museum We also went to shopping every weekend. There were a lot students in the Summer Camp but now we only have 13 students and two teachers during this English Camp we went to the Olympic museum again and we went to YVOIRE in France. We took a boat and we had lunch on the boat I also saw an eclipse there I'm so excited because that was really nice. Also I can see you in 10 days I'm so excited how about you.

I'm waiting for your reply. Write me soon.

Your Love
20 August 1999

B.O.BOX.xxxxx K.S.A 1999-08-20.

Dear Fahad.

I`m verry happy that we are friends. I will tell you about the Course of English in Geneva (Rolle) and I want you to write about your English course.

I live in K.S.A it`s very fun there,but now I`m in Geneva in school It is very boring here and every thing here is bad The good thing here is our rooms are very nice but the food is very bad I must stay until the end of this week. There are two teachers they are very good teachers. .

I`m looking forward to hear from you!

Best wishes


The Work of the Students:
Examples of Reactions.

Un- Revised Work Ready for Further Revision.
These extracts indicate the levels of Students at the beginning of the course.

We make no excuses for the errors to be found here.
For we cannot hope to learn without making mistakes!
These texts were subsequently revised.
Some of them more than once

Topic Three: An Evening with 007

An Evening with James Bond

One day, James Bond went to the hotel. When he entered his 
room he felt uncomfortable and opened the window. Then he 
went to bed. At about 2.20p.m James Bond heard same voice 
from the window. He took the golden gun and crept slowly 
along the wall towards the window

"Hello! Can you help me somebody stole my shoes!"

There has a very beautiful woman in the window. She had a long 
hair, big, blue eyes and she wore a white dress and she had a 
slender body. Also she had a beautiful voice.
"Did you remember what he looked like?" Bond asked

"He has short blond hair; wears sun glasses and wears a jacket. 
He is very tall and he looks very young; about 28 or30!"

"Scaramanga!" Bond cried, for Scaramanga was so dangerous."

"I know him I will help you, miss. Oh! I didn't ask your name!"
Bond said timidly.

"Oh! my name is Sabrina and your's?" Sabrina asked 

"Oh! Bond James Bond"suddenly Bond became very cool 

"Can I come into your room and sleep in there tonight, 
my dear Bond?" Sabrina asked.

"Sure! but why do you want to sleep in my room?" 
Bond asked.

"Look at my foot I don't have any shoes!" Sabrina said.
After one minute Sabrina is in Bond's room.

"Let me tell you about the Scaramanga but first we must 
talk in the bathroom because it's safer in the bathroom!" 
Bond said.

"Why it is safer in your bathroom?" Sabrina was very excited 
to ask this question."BeÖ, because I like singing songs when 
I take a bath!" Bond said timidly.


An Evning with James

J. Bond was in the center of Miami. When he come to hotel 
and got out of car, he saw Scaramanga enter the hotel. 
Then Bond followed him up to Bond's floor, but then 
Scaramanga disappeared.

Bond got to his room carefully.He was tired. The air 
conditioner was on and windows were closed. He opened 
the window and tried to be awaken  himself but he slept.

He was awoken by the noise which came from the window. 
He took his gun and carefully went to the window and pointed 
his gun at the person who was standing near the window. 
It was Mary Goodnight who worked with Bond.

She had blond hair, black eyes, long legs and she was 175 cm tall.

"Mary Goodnight!  What are you doing at my window?!  
It's three o'clock in the morning," said James Bond.  

"I have a special message,"said Mary G.

"Then come in." Bond said.

"Please help me,"she answer.

When she camin come in went to the bathroom and put 
the shower on so no one could hear them. She told him 
that Scaramanga was in hotel but he already knew that. 

Suddenly words cut their conversation. It was Scaramanga. 
Scaramanga was his enemy. He had brown hair, black eyes, 
and he didn't have all thieves.He was about 187 cm tall.

Scaramanga told them to come out of the bedroom and to 
put their hands behind their heads.

"It's not your lucky day, Mr. Bond.," said Scaramanga.

"Nor is it yours, either," replied Bond.

"What do you mean by that?" Scaramanga asked.

"Just look behind you," said Bond.  

"But there isn't anything..."

At that moment Bond hit Scramanga with a tremendous 
blow.and knocked him out.  Goodnight and Bond tied the 
gun man up and turned him in to HQ.

As Bond said to Goodnight over a vodka martini--'stirred, 
not shaken'-- later that evening,

"Another job well done!."


Another Evening with James.

When Bond got back to his hotel room he was tired. 
His windows were closed and the air conditioner was on. 
He switched conditioner off. Then he opened the window 
and thought what a wonderful place Rome was. He went 
to the shower washed his body:  his face and dirty legs. 
Then he cleaned his teeth and went to bed.

At 3.30 he was dreaming , not a very good dream, of three 
black-coated men with red eyes and bloody teeth, when 
suddenly he woke up.

Upon awaking, he heard Mary Wakeup. "Mary! What are 
you doing her?"said James Bond. "Ah! James  I`m afraid!" 
said Wakeup. 

James said to Mary "Maybe we go to the bathroom." 

"What?" said Mary. 

"Maybe we should go into the bathroom and switch on the 
water.  The water will mask our conversation." 

"Ok I understand what you mean." And then they went to 
the bathroom.

They talked about who the strange man in the dark could be. 
James said to Mary. "I took the gun and killed this man."

Suddenly James Bond saw a men with red eyes, bloody teeth 
and white lips. It was  the terrifying SCARAMANGA!! His voice 
-- as scared as his face -- came from the darkness of the 

"This is not your lucky day, Mr.Bond.  James Bond. Come, come 
here Bond. Put your hands behind your necks!" But suddenly 
they heard a shout from Mary Wakeup. And James saw in the 
bath room that somebody killed her. He saw not the soft 
blond hair he knew, but blood red hair.  She had died!  He 
couldn't believe that she had died. Then he turned and shouted 
at Scaramanga that he would die, die, die!

But then he saw Mary!? James shouted "Your dead! You 

"No, it was tomato ketchup in my hair and on my hands. 
Funny!" Mary smiled.

"Some sense of humor that is!" said Bond, moving towards her.

And Scaramanga's golden gun was pointing directly at 
James Bond.  And yet all his cruel mouth could do was to turn 
in a grin and spoke.

"Touching, but we have more pressing matters to attend to!"
There stood Mary and James stood before him, KISSING!


An Evening with James.

On July 24th of 1990 in England. James Bond 
was sitting in the lobby of a hotel with some friend 
and wen ha was there. He saw Scaramanga in the 
hotel James ran quickly to his room.  He open the 
door and he cheked his room to see if Scaramanga 
was there.

After that he had a thumping heart because 
Scaramannga was in the hotel James went to open 
the windows and he went to take a shoer and he 
went to his bed. When he was sleeping he heard a 
sound and he got up he took his gun After that he 
moved near the windows.


It was Midnight Everywhere

It was midnight everywhere it was dark. 
James Bond went his room. He switched on the 
light, took off his coat, put it on the bed and got 
something to drink from mini bar.

He was very uncomfortable because it was to 
hot in his room. He opened the window, took a 
breath of fresh air and went to the shower.

His heart was thumping, because he had lost 
2,000,000 dollars in the casino. It was his first 
and last play in the casino. That's why he was 
so frightened.

He carefully cleaned his teeth, washed his face 
and went to bed.

He was having a bad dream when suddenly he 
was awakened by a strange noise. He got his 
gun, crept to the window, and opened it. He saw 
Mary Goodnight climbing up the rope. 

"What the hell are you doing here? "said James. 

"Help me John!" screamed Mary. 

He helped her to climb into the room with an 
angry face and asked her what she wanted. 

"Ah! John I have an important message from 
HQ for you!" whispered Mary.

They went to the bathroom where James turned 
on the shower.

"What's the message?"asked James.

"Listen John that man that you are looking for is 
here in this hotel. He knows everything about you! 
He knows your name, your mission, but the one thing 
that he doesn't know is what you look like. "explained 

"Thank you Mary Good night for the information." 
thanked James " and now you have to go." 

After this words he opened the door. It was dark , 
and it looked very strange because he switched 
on the light when he got into his room. 
And suddenly...

"Drop your gun, Mr. Bond!"  It was Scaramanga.

"It is your unlucky day, Mr. Bond, because now 
you will go with me."

"No" cried James. He pushed Mary into the window, hit 
Scaramanga in the head, pushed him and ran away.

When Scaramanga awoke he saw that James was gone. 
He looked out of the window and saw that Mary had got 
into the car and had disappeared into the dark night!


Bond put his gun at the face of the human and it was 
the beautiful Mary Goodnight. Bond said "What are 
you doing here!"Bond picked her up and one of her 
feet caught in the curtain and the window banged 
shut with a noise like a gunshot.

Bond and Mary Goodnight went to the bathroom and 
Bond turned on the shower Mary Goodnight said to 
Bond that Scaramanga was in the hotel and that he 
must take care.



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