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What's On in New York City & London with Reviews

Production Information, Playwright and Casting Sites

The Plays : A Synopsis of Each of the Following.

Much Ado About Nothing
A Romance

N e t i c u l a t i o n    :   
S H A K E S P E A R E    S o ur c e s .

Some Material Which You Can Read On Line.

Literary Linkage Shakespeare.

Read 'the Bard' on line!

IPL William Shakespeare's Complete Works
One of a number of on line text sources.
Shakespeare Stories
Shakespeare Stories : A place to start.
Pathfinder Shakespeare
Beginning Research on Shakespeare.
William Shakespeare and the Internet
More Reference and reasearch source material.
Alta Vista Simple Search: Shakespeare
Where Bardologists Roam.
The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe: An Electronic Edition
A single author: One of Shakespeare's Most Important Contemporaries.

Theatre History: Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern

Early Modern Theatre History.
And Much More, Much More!
The Theatre which Mr. Shakespeare and Mr. Burbage Owned.
The Globe Theatre Site
More, essentially hiostorical information from the same site.

The Elizabethan/ Jacobean Theatre History URL of the Week

The Theatre which Mr. Shakespeare and Mr. Burbage Owned.


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