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The Days of Our Lives

Outside contact has been made times.

A Significant Place and/or Moment in My Life

An Exercise in Auto-Biography.
Used as a way into Richard Wright's Black Boy

A Moment in my Life

Whenever I go home it shocks me how much I actually missed the nature and simple happiness which my home village and the round about seem to give away. The Week - end’s and holidays I spend there and the whole past seems to stumbles into my mind at once. I believe once you don’t see your home everyday, you start to notice little things that have changed or somehow never really where there at this specific place before.

When I arrive at Interlaken with the car I always linger to see the first sight of the Jungfrau at which bottom lay’s my village, Wengen. The Jungfrau seems so white and pure as ever, as if this great mountain made herself ready every weekend to welcome me.

Before arriving in Lauterbrunnen the slopy road must be passed. In winter aswell as in summer, and in between them too, the Lütschiene follows her bed. In winter she carries less water than in summer, when the Gletscher melts and its cold water joins the Lütschiene.

In the valley of the water, Lauterbrunnen, the sight of the majestues Staubbach, a famous waterfall which is named in known poets poem, cut’s my breath. ”Sole of humans how equal art thee to water. Destiny of humans how equal art thee to wind” Göethe.

The train brings me up to my village. In the fifteen minutes in which I pass meditating this nature about Wengen, many wonderful things pass my eyes. The frozen waterfalls in their stone hollow, the big, king like firtrees with their snow-white hoods and the extraordinary view, which reaches from the end of the valley through to the dim, distant Jura Mountains.

To get to my house I have to climb a little slope, which leads to the Hotel Regina. When arriving in Wengen at the train-station, mostly in winter but occasionally also in summer, there is always a panicking business.

As the people get in the train can’t wait and the ones inside the train are scared to have to stay in it. The red pavement, which once characterised the Hotels entry, is now washed out and cowered with snow, but still the entry is easy to see as the “H & R” arch marks it. As the Hotel stands on a small hill over towering the village some trees have been planted long ago. Now their graceful treetop’s swing in slow movement when a thunderstorm is over them. The trees have with the time created a windshield and a barrier to the village and noise.

All around Wengen an old but renewing woodland can de found full of pine trees and leave trees. Several meters over the end of the village there are only pine trees to be found as it is to high for leave trees to survive.

Everything around and in Wengen is some how nature related. In the summer the same as in winter. And as the old people in Wengen say” the village on the creek,”(auf der Wange) who once felt and saw Wengen will always come again. But to explore Wengen you need time. We don’t like people who have no time and only run through.

(2002/02/07) A.M.

Work produced in February 2002.

The Best Day of My Life (1999)


Three versions of the same idea:

The first:


It was 3 months ago. I studied in my high school in Russia. So, I finished it and must passed exams. During two month I worked really hard. I had 8 lessons everyday, homework (of course), and I attended 4 hours with a private teacher writing essays and reports. I did not sleep enough , became nervous and angry. All my weekends I spent with books , not with my friends. My first exam came very soon . It was Russian Literature the hardest quiz.We had 6 hours to write an essay about 4 pages A4. I did all my best and got the best mark. I was very tired. However, I had one more Maths examination.. That exam was less hard then Literature. I took 4 hours to solve 6 difficult problems.And that quiz I also passed and got "A".

After all that honorific experiences I became really happy . The best day of my life was the day after my finals. I felt that I was free . I met my friends and we celebrated this day. We had a lot of fun. We drove a car by ourselves , had a BBQ , went to a disco, spent evenings with girls, went swimming. I lived like that about two weeks and I was really lucky person.

Two weeks later I had celebration of finishing the school . I received my certificate. In the evening all my friends and I departed to camp , where we spent the hole night celebrating this day.It was the most funny and unforgettable night. After all I departed to Australia.

F. B.

The Second:

The Best Day of My Life

The best day in my short life was the weekend that I went on with my friends. We went to a car shop and bought a car, then we started to drive around Geneva. While we were driving around Geneva, we meet some ex-Rosey students, so we went to have a drink with them in Nelson's Pub pub. As we in to Nelson's Pub, we meet more of the ex-Rosey students. We started drinking, and when we were leaving from Nelson's Pub few guys came up to us and started shouting at my friend.Soon my best friend started a fight and other people from Rosey helped him.After the fight everyone was exited so that my friends and I went back to the car.

On the way back to the hotel we meet some really nice girls in the other car and we invited them for a drink.Time was passing very quickly and soon it was midnight.As we were drinking all day long everyone was very happy,and nobody wanted to go back to the hotel.So we decided to go to disco called Arthur's Club.

In the disco we met a lot of people from our school.The music was very good so we danced like crazy,but most important thing was that we had a lot of fan.As the disco was about to close one of the girls came up to me and asked me if I wan to go with her to her room....

Jello, Jankovic.
06,October 1999

The Third:

The Best Day of My Life

The best day of my life was the summer vaccation two years ago in Taiwan, I was very fortunately to meet Jackie Chan face to face in the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I got the chance to meet him from a radio station in Taiwan called ICRT, I won the lottery of "Jackie Chan's fan club" and got the chance to meet him with the other ten winners, that night we all sit in a round table and had an absolutely great time together talking, eating, and understand each other. It was definitely a great honor for me to shack hand with Jackie Chan and talk to him, I will remember it for the rest of my life..

Jackie Chan was a very nice and friendly person even though he's so famous around the world, unlike other big movie stars or singers, Jackie doesn't show-off and he doesn't pretend if he's cooler or better than other person, he is always smiling, and he doesn't drive a big car to show-off, he even wash his own underwear and socks himself even though he's so rich and famous. Jackie is not very tall or big, he is about as tall as me, but I believe he is one of the bravest man in the world and he could beat up all the Hollywood action stars if they had a fight, because Jackie had start to learn martial arts when he was ten years old in a Chinese Theater School with Sam ho, and other famous Kung-Fu movie actors in Hong-Kong. I think Jackie is one of the toughest, and bravest man in the world because he act all the dangerous parts of his movies himself, he doesn't use any substitutes when there is a dangerous scene in the movie, such as jump from ten floors high, or walking on the flaming woods, he doesn't use any computer graphics when he's high up in the air and hanging with a rope by a chopper. He told us that he has broken almost every single bones in his body form head to toes. He is also an honest man that he told us that he had been taking drugs when he was in the Chinese Theater School, and he was caught by his master who was nearly send him back, but instead the master didn't let him eat for two days and he was punished to carry all the water that the school staff and students needed from a river that was one mile away. However he respect his master a lot and didn't complain at all.

The Rock
06,October 1999

Work produced in October - December 1999.


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